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Great for events, trade shows, offices, museums, galleries, homes — whenever you want to make an unforgettable impression on your audience. End Point is the leading provider of Liquid Galaxy, an open source project started by Google. We make the Liquid Galaxy accessible and affordable, so you can create entertaining and educational experiences like nothing else.


Below are some markets and industries that are a great fit for the Liquid Galaxy to engage your audience in a new and exciting way. Whether as a short-term rental or a permanent installation, the Liquid Galaxy will impress!

Real Estate

The Liquid Galaxy provides an excellent tool for real estate brokerages and land use agencies to showcase their properties with multiple large screens showing 3D building models and complete Google Earth data. End Point can configure the Liquid Galaxy to highlight specific buildings, areas on the map, or any set of correlated land use data, which can then be shown in a dazzling display that forms the centerpiece of a conference room or lobby. We can program the Liquid Galaxy to show floor plans, panoramic interior photos, and even Google Street View “walking tours” around a given property.

A Liquid Galaxy in your office will provide your firm with a sophisticated and cutting edge sales tool. You will depart from the traditional ways of viewing, presenting, and even managing real estate sites by introducing your clients to multiple prime locations and properties in a wholly unique, professional and visually stunning manner. We can even highlight amenities such as mass transit, road usage, and basic demographic data for proper context.

The Liquid Galaxy allows your clients an in-depth contextual tour of multiple listings in the comfort of your office without having to travel to multiple locations. Liquid Galaxy brings properties to the client instead of taking the client to every property. This saves time and energy for both you and your prospective clients, and sets your brokerage apart as a technology leader in the market.

GIS Consulting

The Liquid Galaxy is an intense data visualization tool for operations, marketing, and research. End Point can take almost any data set that contains GIS coordinates and superimpose the data within Google Earth. The data visualizations—bar graphs, area heat maps, connecting lines—can then be navigated with a full spatial experience, just like Google Earth.

Loading your organization’s GIS data into Google Earth on the Liquid Galaxy as KML (one of Google Earth’s mark-up languages) will allow people to interact and visualize your data in a totally new way.

Museums and Aquariums

Liquid Galaxy is a dazzling display platform that immediately draws attention to the rich imagery and geography of the Earth and its oceans—perfect for a museum or aquarium setting. The Liquid Galaxy brings together rich satellite imagery, oceanic data, and points of interest from all over the globe.

When deployed in a museum or aquarium, we can include specific content that will enhance the story-telling context of the museum or aquarium. Examples include archival photos superimposed directly over the location of a historical event, or showing vivid panoramic photos of coral reefs, sharks, and famous undersea wrecks. This content can be packaged into tours that guide the visitor from place to place as part of a comprehensive story.

Travel and Hospitality

Liquid Galaxy is an immersive display platform that draws attention to the incredible global and interactive content it displays. Bringing rich satellite imagery and photography to life when experienced in large-scale panorama, Liquid Galaxy helps your clients get a taste of your resorts, properties, hotels, or cruises to inspire them to visit in person!

Having a Liquid Galaxy in your hotel, travel agency, or tradeshow booth allows you to depart from the traditional visual installation through an exciting technology that appeals to a broad audience. It will engage visitors with travelers’ photos and tweets, destination videos, creative tours, world maps, data, statistical overlays, and more.

3D Models

Liquid Galaxy can render complex 3D scanned spaces and objects with full free-flight navigation and visual control. If you have a scan of an interior space, an exterior area, or even a 3D model created artificially, we can show it with full angle-adjusted immersion. This is optimal for architects, civic planners, interior designers, or scientific researchers looking to show complex models.

Capabilities of the Liquid Galaxy

A powerful platform for immersive presentations

  • Google Earth

    The rich satellite imagery and 3D building models of Google Earth come to life when experienced in stunning large-scale panorama. The Liquid Galaxy lets you sail around the globe with the included 6-axis controller, allowing you to instantly zoom in, out, and around in completely fluid motion. You can also search for and navigate to specific locations on autopilot using the touch screen interface.

    Just Google Earth alone on the Liquid Galaxy is enough to attract and engage viewers and passersby at a trade show or other locations.

  • GIS Data Display

    Loading your organization’s GIS (Geographic Information System) data into Google Earth on the Liquid Galaxy will allow people to interact and visualize your data in a totally new way.

  • Panoramic Photos & Videos

    Seeing panoramic video or photography of a location on the Liquid Galaxy is the next best thing to actually being there. In addition to flat two-dimensional imagery, the Liquid Galaxy can play full panoramic photos and videos that stretch beyond viewers’ peripheral vision, totally surrounding them in another place. The system is also capable of audio playback to truly bring a scene to life.

    The Liquid Galaxy is a canvas for new techniques in video production that take advantage of the multiple displays, and we gladly work with content providers to adapt their work for the Liquid Galaxy.

  • Content Management System

    End Point provides a browser-based content management system that allows your team to build out comprehensive presentations that combine geographic maps, pins, and GIS information with graphic overlays, video, and web pages. These presentations can be used to walk the viewer through a complete story, flying from location to location along with explanatory text, photos, and videos.

  • Interactive Spaces

    Interactive Spaces is an open source project developed at Google (originally in collaboration with The Rockwell Group’s Lab) for doing what the name says: making physical spaces interactive. Interactive Spaces is a well-structured framework for connecting hardware peripherals (such as motion sensors, input devices, and monitor screens) with software applications (such as Google Earth, web browsers, and 3D games) to form a coherent interactive experience in a physical space.

  • 3D Models

    Using SketchUp, Google’s 3D modeling software, you can load architectural and engineering models into Google Earth on the Liquid Galaxy. Explore them, or preview and visualize new spaces that are in development. This feature is particularly useful for architectural firms looking for a powerful medium to demonstrate their creations before they are built.

  • Integrated Tours

    In addition to the built-in tour functionality of Google Earth, you can craft your own custom tours that integrate a variety of media on the Liquid Galaxy. Start with a high-level view in Google Earth, and swoop down to a specific location, then seamlessly launch into a custom panoramic video tour, and back out to Google Earth to fly to a different location and launch into a gallery of panoramic photos. You can create multiple tours and allow your viewers to launch the one that interests them most. Integrated tours can either be automatic or semi-interactive. End Point can help you develop custom tours for the Liquid Galaxy.

  • Gaming

    With the right customization, you can run video games on the Liquid Galaxy. Open source games, and other games with a built-in spectator mode can be ported to Liquid Galaxy. So far Cube 2: Sauerbraten, Quake III Arena, and Second Life have been successfully deployed on Liquid Galaxy.

End Point’s Liquid Galaxy Services

We’ll help you get the most out of your Liquid Galaxy

  • Support

    End Point offers a wide variety of Liquid Galaxy support services. We are here to help you maintain, upgrade, add features, and troubleshoot any issues you may have with your Liquid Galaxy. In most cases we are able to service your system remotely. When the situation calls for it, we can also travel on location anywhere in the world.

  • Installation and Setup

    You can either purchase or rent a Liquid Galaxy from End Point. We have experience handling both temporary installations in trade shows and conferences, and permanent installations in museums, institutions, and offices. With our turn-key Liquid Galaxy system you can rely on our battle-tested configuration which handles all the details.

  • Display Configuration

    If you have great project ambitions in mind for the Liquid Galaxy, End Point can help you to customize various configuration options. We have set up the Liquid Galaxy like a cockpit, with a huge wall of displays, and with 48 displays on the floor. We can help you create a unique and exciting setup.

  • Custom Tours

    End Point creates custom tours for your Liquid Galaxy. They can take many shapes and forms. A basic tour steps through a set sequence of locations. Other tour options include embedding video, photography, or 3D models at specific locations in Google Earth.

  • Content Preparation

    Let End Point prepare your videos, photos, 3D models, video games, animations, GIS data, and other visual content for display on the Liquid Galaxy. We’ve developed solutions for handling and converting a variety of these content types. Take your library or archives of data and media and give them a totally new life on the Liquid Galaxy.

  • Content Production

    We can produce content meeting your needs for the Liquid Galaxy. We can help you with the production of panoramic photos, videos, custom collections of GIS data, as well as 3D models in SketchUp. We are also happy to work with any of your creative partners to develop content for the Liquid Galaxy.

  • GIS Conversion

    We have developed technology to convert your GIS data to KML, one of Google Earth’s markup languages. If you have mounds of data we can help you to transform it into stunning visual presentations on the Liquid Galaxy.

  • Custom Development

    If you are interested in pursuing other applications or possibilities for the Liquid Galaxy we can help! Let us know what you’re looking for.


Some notable events and locations where we have installed and supported Liquid Galaxy around the world:

Google offices


The Tech Museum

San Jose, California

National Air and Space Museum

Washington, D.C.

Oceanographic Museum


Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Computer History Museum

Mountain View, California

Hiller Museum of Aviation

San Carlos, California

London Museum of Natural History (Coral Reefs)

London, England

NOAA Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Santa Cruz, California

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Washington, D.C.

CES 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Paris, France

Los Angeles Auto Show

Los Angeles, California


Jakarta, Indonesia

APEC Summit



San Diego, California

World Oceans Summit


Google Creative Sandbox

New York City

Google Creative Sandbox

San Francisco, California

Comisión Nacional Forestal

Jalisco, Mexico

Exhibit at the Grand Palais

Paris, France


Washington, D.C.


Toronto, Canada


Cancún, Mexico


Paris, France

Internet Retailer

San Diego, California


Tampa, Florida

TUI group

Hannover, Germany

Catlin Group

London, England

Blue Ocean Film Festival

Monterey, California


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Asutamu Land

Tokushima, Japan

Barclays Bank

London, England

LeWeb 2014

Paris, France

Hilton Worldwide Headquarters

McLean, Virginia


Charleston, South Carolina

AZero Offices

Seoul, Korea

Earth Engine Summit

Mountain View, California

KEPCO Visitor Center

Nanju, Korea SXSW

Austin, Texas

AAG Conference

Chicago, Illinois

Hilton Executive Conference

Chicago, Illinois

Hilton Owners Conference

Orlando, Florida


Brussels, Belgium

Aquarium of the Pacific

Long Beach, California

Internet Week

New York City


Los Angeles, California

Eastman Chemical

Kingsport, Tennessee

Think Publishing

New York City

Economist Summit

Half Moon Bay, California

Hyundai Travel Library

Seoul, Korea

Lufthansa A380 event

Frankfurt, Germany

Venice Biennale

Venice, Italy

New York Tech Meetup

New York City


Buenos Aires, Argentina


São Paulo, Brazil

Westfield University

Westfield, Massachusetts

UNESCO World Heritage

Hagi, Japan

LA Street Art Show

Los Angeles, California

Made with Code

New York City

Palais de Tokyo

Paris, France

UNC Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

University of Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas


Denver, Colorado


San Francisco, California

Ryder Cup

Gleneagles, Scotland

Smart Cities

São Paulo, Brazil

ProXXIma 2014

São Paulo, Brazil

University of Montana

Missoula, Montana

Social Innovations Conference

San Francisco, California

World Parks Congress

Sydney, Australia

IUCN World Conservation Congress

Jeju Island, Korea

NCoIH at UNESCO Headquarters

Paris, France

American Geophysical Union

San Francisco, California

National Weather Center

Norman, Oklahoma

Sochi International Investment Forum

Sochi, Russia

Texas Department of Information Resources

Austin, Texas

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

Pembroke, Bermuda

FORUM 2014 „Doppelschicht“ #Werkstatt: Kundendialog im Multikanal

Düsseldorf, Germany

Deutsche Bank Executive Committee

Frankfurt, Germany

NRF Retail's BIG Show 2017

New York City

About Us

End Point is the leading global agency for developing, deploying, and supporting Liquid Galaxy systems. With over 100 installations and events worldwide, our team of engineers and content developers has a deep knowledge of the hardware, software, and aesthetics that can make a Liquid Galaxy come to life as a dazzling data presentation tool. With engineers on almost every continent, we provide full support and rapid agile development.

End Point has strong Linux experience going back 20 years, and we’ve played a key role in many open source projects ranging from complex ecommerce applications to database replication to visualization and rendering apps. We assemble the Liquid Galaxy servers ourselves, we get our hands dirty with the frame fabrication, and we write a lot of software code for this. We can provide the best presentation tool for your organization.


“Our visitors love the exhibit. Definitely a hit!”

―Jeffery Bass, President & CEO, Hiller Aviation Museum

“Everyone thoroughly enjoys the Liquid Galaxy exhibit. Few exhibits at the Museum have become so popular so fast.”

―Mel Drumm, Director, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

“We’ve had wonderful visitor feedback about the Liquid Galaxy display―it was a massive hit! Thank you!”

―Meg Macdonald, Project Director, Natural History Museum (England)

“Thank you to the End Point team and I look forward to working with you all for many years to come!”

―Matthew S. Cooper, Alex Cooper Real Estate Services

“I sing the praises of End Point to anyone who listens. … I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I made the decision to go with End Point.”

―Jared Loftus, CEO & Founder, College District

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